History of Cat’s Shooting Sticks

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Gary Ladd and I am a long time active SASS member, AKA: Cat Cummings, SASS # 1870 and a life member of the NRA. I am a long range buffalo rifle shooter, using mostly black powder cartridge rifles, be it a Shiloh Sharps, C. Sharps, Winchester (Original) 1885 or a custom .40-70 SS that I built and stocked myself.

While attending various Cowboy Action Shooting(CAS) events and their long range rifle side matches, I noticed the lack of quality shooting cross sticks that were being used. That being said, I decided to design something that could be set up with little effort, and easily adjustable for various body heights and shooting positions.

I began making custom sticks in early 2009 and started selling locally and at various SASS matches that had a long range side events with excellent results. I quickly sold more than 25 pairs. At that point I decided to open a store on the world wide web and run some small ads in a selection of trade magazines.

My sticks are made from solid oakĀ  and can be quickly manufactured. We offer a variety of shooting sticks, and even some stools and other items. Visit our store to find the current pricing and shipping costs. You are also welcome to visit our “Testimonials” page and see what people are saying about Cat’s Shooting Sticks.

Custom orders are welcome.