“Great sticks Gary – placed first (long range single-shot) in both events I’ve used them in so far, using two different rifles – a fairly light Browning 1885 in 38-55, and a heavy Shiloh Sharps in 45-70. Worked great with both!”

Posted By: Matt Zietlow
Elko, NV




“Used the bench style sticks for the first time this morning. Assembled easily and they were as good at the range as I had hoped. I bought the sticks for use with my Sharps .45-70 but continued to use them for the “modern” rifles and they worked great. Glad I found your website and thanks for the great product.”

Posted By: Rob 



“Its perfect”

Posted By: brooklyn tanner 
I live in Las Vegas



“Me dull. You smart. That’s just what I nedeed.”

Posted By: Karsen




“At the midrange match on Saturday I started out with my old sticks of an unknown Mfg. The ground was so hard from a month without rain that we had to have a hand sledgehammer to get the spikes into the ground – it was absolutely necessary. The old sticks spikes are at an angle to the bottom of the sticks, and when I tried to tap the stakes into the ground, the wood on the end of the stick broke, and the spike was laying there useless on the ground.”

“I switched over to your sticks, and because the spinkes are in line with the sticks, hammering them home didn’t cause any stress to the wood. I shot the rest of the match with them. Not only are they my favorites, they are now my ONLY sticks.”

Posted By: Leland 


“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using your shooting sticks for several months now and I’m very pleased with them. They look good, they’re solid, and they are easier to adjust than any other sticks, I’ve tried.”

“Thanks for an excellent product.”

Posted By: Jim

Well, the sticks from Gary arrived in the mail today, and even without taking them out to shoot, I can tell that they’ll be going with me to my first silhouette match next month.

It takes about two seconds to change height to precisely what I need, and without a lot wasted effort. I give these two thumbs up for practicality, and the workmanship is top notch. A bargain at any price.

Posted By: Free_Stater 

“Need to put my 2 cents in here…”

“Just before Harlan’s match I discovered that all of Sunday’s shooting would be done from the sitting position and not prone. I have not liked the sitting position as my long legs tend to get wrapped up around my ears…and I never practice sitting. I then discovered that you could sit on a short stool, provided that it had no backrest…but then my sitting sticks were too short.”

“I quickly called Gary (Cat), told him of my dilemma and he shipped me a pair of longer sticks that day.
They arrived in time to head to Alliance and were exactly as promised. They are strong, well designed and infinitely adjustable with the twist of a very sturdy knob. Just what I needed.”

“I found a shooting position (hand and foot placement) that I liked and shot a very good match. Thanks Gary for bailing me out at the last minute.
If anyone is going to buy a set of sticks, I would recommend looking at Gary’s and giving him a call.
Thanks Gary…”

Posted By: Eric 

“I have used other sticks and been very disappointed. The Cat’s Shooting Sticks are solid, easy to adjust, have good leather padding, and just has a nice look. Of particular note in the large adjustment screw which allows easy height changes for sitting and kneeling positions. I shoot mostly in the sitting position which I find more forgiving with the big bore black powder guns.”

“Works well when I use it for rimfire silhouette matches while sitting in a folding chair.”

Posted By: Kurt 
Avid shooter, Pilesgrove, NJ