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  • Cat’s Shooting Sticks are individually hand crafted from solid oak, or walnut, 1×2’s.
  • A 3/8 inch wide leather strip on each stick protects the finish of the rifle barrel, and helps hold the rifle barrel in position.
  • Total length of the sitting/kneeling sticks are approx. 48 inches in length. This includes 6 inch spikes OR 5 1/2″ steel blades inserted into the bottom with 2 3/4 inches protruding so they can be easily pushed into the ground for a solid shooting position. Please see item descriptions for further specifications…
  • Unlike other sticks, these are easily adjustable, with very little effort, to accommodate your specific shooting “comfort zone”. You will love the “quick and easy slide adjust” to your perfect height with simple clamp knobs. No predetermined adjustment holes in the wood or leather “cradles”.
  • The craftsmanship and specifications for these sticks comply with NRA, SASS, and BPCR Rules.

In addition to our traditional spikes, WE HAVE ADDED A NEW FEATURE TO OUR PRODUCT LINE!!!  THESE NEW CROSS STICKS HAVE STEEL BLADES PINNED INTO GROOVES, INSTEAD OF THE SPIKES, INSURING A STABLE SHOOTING POSITION.  LEATHER SLIDES TO PROTECT THE BARREL ARE INCLUDED.  We still offer our traditional Buffalo cross sticks with the spike and leather strips at a lower cost.

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