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blackpowdermagIn the world of accurate rifle shooting, consistency is all-important.  Doing the same thing, over and over, is what is demanded in load testing and serious competition shooting.  Along those lines then, it only stands to reason that when testing your rifle on the range for use in competition, one needs to replicate the specific situation that you will be shooting in.

Enter “Cat’s Benchrest Shooting Sticks.”  These quality shooting sticks are set up with a solid base to be used on the bench.  They provide for a solid rest that duplicates shooting the rifle off the typical cross sticks used in competition.  They are fully adjustable, made from oak, and very well finished.  They are padded with leather to protect barrel finish and the quality is excellent.

Most of us do load development from a typical benchrest pedestal-type rest.  This is fine and works well except that it is not what you will be using in BPCR competition.  The difference between a benchrest and shooting sticks can be substantial depending upon many factors, mainly barrel position on the rest.  Using Cat’s Shooting Sticks simply eliminates a variable in your testing which is always a good thing.

Cat’s also has a complete line of standard shooting sticks for sitting and prone that are the proper configuration for all NRA and SASS sanctioned competition.  Price for the benchrest shooting sticks is $85.00 plus S&H and represents extremely good value.  You can contact Cat’s Shooting Sticks at 1020 S 4375 W, Cedar City, UT  84720 ph-435-590-7983 or look them up on the web at Browse through their website and look at their complete line of high quality products for shooters.

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