Sight Bags from Cat Shooting Sticks

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Product Review published in the Summer Issue of Black Powder Cartridge News


Who hasn’t looked at the wrist of their favorite single shot rifle and cussed when spotting the “idiot-mark” left from the eyepiece on the folded down sight? If you are lucky, carefully applied steam will raise the dent without pulling the finish. If you aren’t lucky, the edge of the eyepiece will have cut through the wood grains and a refinish is in order. Of course, one can leave the gouge there and be reminded of it every time you use the rifle. I’m picky about my rifles…dents and gouges put me in a foul mood.

Far better to invest in several of the new leather sight bags fromĀ Cat Shooting Sticks. These high quality leather bags slide conveniently over your sight, padding it from knocking a dent (or worse) on the wrist of comb of your rifle. Guns can move around in hard cases and this is a great way to insure that there won’t be any surprises when you open it. It is not amiss to slide one over the muzzle of your rifle to protect the crown, especially with dirt and sand.

This is really an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” thing. These bags are cheap insurance against many costly accidents and they are priced so reasonably that one can’t take the time to make them. They are sold in pairs for $19.99 ($6.50 S&H), which is a good investment in your rifle’s shop finish. Order yours fromĀ Cat Shooting Sticks, 1020 South 4375 West, Cedar City; Utah 84720 (ph-435-590-7983). They come in three colors: black, dark brown, and tan. Figure out how many you need and double

that number; I guarantee you will find uses for them.


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